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Topeka State Hospital 1879 - 1997

The Topeka State hospital was located in Kansas first opened its doors in 1879. During its 118 years in operation, the asylum gained a notorious reputation. Some claim it to be one of the most horrific and barbaric asylums in creation.
Until 1919, the only way to be admitted into the asylum was by court order, which meant that the entire population was, for several decades, criminally insane.

Horror stories of the treatment at Topeka State Hospital emerged from the early 20th century onwards. Patients were neglected, abused, restrained and even raped at the hands of the attendants.
There is one story from Topeka State Hospital that is sure to make your skin crawl: According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, a reporter visited the facility at some point during the early 20th century and saw a patient who had been strapped down for so long that his skin had begun to grow over his restraints. Other patients were chained up while naked for months at a time. For many residents at that time, however, life offered a different similar sort of hell, even if they were unrestrained: an unending boredom. Patients were given nothing to do, nothing to stimulate their minds, and so they sat in rocking chairs in the hallway all day, rocking and staring and doing little else.

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